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Emergency package 2 - a little more

Emergency package 2 - a little more

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The "little more" emergency package is composed so that you can ensure access to water, food and important information in emergency situations.

The emergency package medium contains:

Emergency Radio - FM/AM Radio - Crank - Solar Cell: This emergency radio has a built-in AM/FM radio and an LED flashlight that provides light in the dark. With a dynamo crank and solar panel, you can generate power for the radio even when you're on the move. There is also a built-in 2,000 mAh power bank to charge your phone. The radio can be charged via the supplied USB-C cable.

Power bank 20,000 mAh with solar cells: This powerful power bank of 20,000 mAh allows you to charge more of your electronic devices. With built-in solar cells, you can charge the power bank without access to electricity. In addition, it has a handy built-in flashlight that can light up the dark even when your phone has run out of power.

Personal water filter: Lifestraw's personal water filter ensures clean drinking water by filtering 99.9999% of all bacteria (e.g. salmonella and cholera) as well as 99.9% of protozoa (parasites, e.g. giardia). The filter also reduces water turbidity as it filters particles down to 0.2 micrometres. It requires no connection to electricity and works immediately, filtering a minimum of 1000 liters of water and up to 4000 liters.

Water purification tablets – 50 pcs.: These water purification tablets are effective in killing dangerous bacteria and viruses in 50 liters of water (1 tablet = 1 liter of clean water). They are based on chlorine (8.5 mg NaDCC per tablet) and have NSF/ANSI 60 certification. The tablets can also be used to purify water for cooking and brushing teeth.

Aluminum Blankets - 2 Pack: Designed to reflect up to 90% of your body heat, these thermal emergency blankets can be invaluable in an emergency. They are ultra-compact with a weight of only 48 grams, but can be unfolded to cover an area of ​​130 x 210 cm.

First aid kit - 31 parts: This first aid kit contains 31 parts and is compact and light, weighing only 130 grams. This ensures that minor injuries do not develop into major problems. The set comes in a practical red color so that it can easily be found in the bag.

Waterproof Matches - 4 Pack: These waterproof matches, coated with kerosene, can be used even when the box is wet, making them ideal for outdoor activities in rainy weather.

Fire Steel – Fire Steel: This fire steel is used to light a fire, stove, flare or similar by flint the two pieces of steel against each other, generating sparks that can ignite flammable materials.

Storm kitchen incl. alcohol burner: This storm kitchen consists of two pots (1.4 liters and 0.95 liters), a pan (21 cm), an attachable handle, a alcohol burner with lid and holder and wind shields - all packed together with a strap for easy transport. It is easy to use and requires only common household alcohol.

Water Bottle - Foldable - 20 litres: This foldable water bottle from Highlander has a capacity of 20 liters and is easy to fill and carry as it is foldable and has integrated carrying handles.

Cutlery Set - Stainless Steel - 2 Piece: This solid stainless steel cutlery set includes a knife, fork and spoon as well as a can opener, all clickable together for minimal space consumption and without rattling during transport. A practical storage case is included.

Enamel mug - 350 ml - 2 pcs: These 350 ml enamel mugs are made of steel with an enamel surface coating, which makes them hard-wearing and easy to clean.
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