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HIKMICRO LYNX S10 Night Vision Thermal Monocular (New Model) (3-4 Day Delivery)

HIKMICRO LYNX S10 Night Vision Thermal Monocular (New Model) (3-4 Day Delivery)

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New S model.


1) replaces the LE10 LYNX Pro
2) better screen OLED vs LCD; (So ​​the contrasts come out better)<
3) has a larger screen 0.39” vs 0.2” (Gets a better picture and can see the small things better.)
4) has higher screen HZ, 50Hz vs 25HZ i.e. can follow better with the eye when scanning an area, i.e. without "delay"

See more here in this pdf file.

Built-in hotspot.

Suitable if you need to be able to see completely clearly in the dark when you are in nature in the dark.

With night binoculars you get new opportunities to see clearly when it is otherwise not possible with the human eye. Night binoculars let you see people, animals, surroundings and objects even when it is completely 100% dark, foggy or completely cloudy.

Image sensor:

  • LE10S: 256 × 192

Frame rate:

  • 50 Hz

Pixel range:

  • LE10S: 12 µm

Response Waveband:

  • 8μm to 14μm


  • Less than 35 mK (@25°C)
  • F#=1.1 (LC06S)
  • F# = 1.0 (LE10S, ​​LE15S)

Lens (Focal length):

  • LE10S: 9.7mm, f1.0

Detection range:

  • LE10S: 500m

Focus mode:

  • Out of focus (All models)

Field of view (H × V), degrees / m @100m:

  • LE10S: 18.0° × 13.6° / 31.7m × 23.8m

Mine. Focusing distance:

  • LE10S: 4m


  • LE10S: 1.5x-12.0x (8x)

Image display:

  • 800 × 600, 0.32 inch, OLED

Screen features:

  • Contrast adjustment: Yes
  • Brightness adjustment: Yes
  • Color schemes: Black Warm, White Warm, Red Warm, Fusion

FFC (Flat Field Correction) mode:

  • Auto, Manual, External Correction

Exit pupil:

  • 20 mm

Eye distance:

  • 6 mm

Diopter (range):

  • ﹣5D to +4D

Tone adjustment:

  • Cold, Hot

In general:

  • Protection level: IP67
  • Weight:
  • Dimensions:
  • Working temperature: -20°C to 55°C

System features:

  • Record video: Yes
  • Take picture: Yes
  • Hotspot: Yes
  • Standby mode: Yes
  • Storage: Built-in memory module (8 GB)
  • PIP (Picture-in-Picture): Yes
  • Hot Track: Yes
  • Distance measurement: Yes
  • Audio recording: Yes

Power supply:

  • Battery type: Rechargeable lithium battery
  • Battery life: up to 8 hours
  • Type-C power supply: 5V DC, 2 A
  • Supports external power supply
Available from the manufacturer

AGM TAIPAN is a copy of this one.

Тепловизийни монокуляри HIKMICRO LYNX S and LYNX Pro support видстеженная хороших зон, зйомку
видео й фотографиування, пид'уденция программы etc. Built-in heat radiation receiver
High sensitivity provides a clear image even in full darkness. Monocular appointed в
Mainly for hunting and watching nature

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