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Generator/radio 10000mhA (Delivery time 20 days unfortunately)

Generator/radio 10000mhA (Delivery time 20 days unfortunately)

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10000mAh Portable Emergency Hand Crank Radio AM FM NOAA Weather Alert Radio USB Charged / Solar Power / Hand Crank / 10000mAh Rechargeable Battery 4 Ways Powered with Digital Display & 3.5mm Headphone Jack & 3W Flashlight & 48 LED Reading Light & SOS Alarm Multifunctional FM Radio for Outdoor Survival Camping

1. Upgraded multi-functional radio: This emergency hand crank radio has a nine button control function including TIME / CLOCK / VOL+/-, TUNE +/-, SCAN, ALERT and POWER. Say goodbye to complicated operations with traditional crank solar radios and enjoy the simplicity and convenience of using this radio.

2 AM FM NOAA radio with headphone jack: With AM frequencies from 520-1710kHz, FM frequencies from 87-108MHz and NOAA frequencies from 162.40-162.55MHz (NOAA functionality limited to USA), this solar swing radio allows you to easily listen to your favorite broadcasts. Enjoy news, sports, entertainment and more. The adjustable telescopic antenna ensures excellent reception of this portable battery-powered radio, and the 3.5mm headphone jack enables private listening.
3. Large capacity battery with 4 charging modes: Equipped with a 10,000 mAh battery, this solar AM FM NOAA weather radio allows you to listen to broadcasts worry-free without running out of battery. You can even listen to the radio for three days without charging! It also doubles as a power bank for your phone - its built-in 10,000mAh high-capacity battery is even better than most rechargeable batteries on the market. Trust its ability to charge your phone! Charge it via Type-C emergency charging, crank charging, 10,000mAh rechargeable battery charging or 0.3W solar panel charging. Multiple charging methods ensure the radio, lights and emergency alarm stay on standby when you need them most. The Type-C port can also be used to charge your smart communication devices, giving you peace of mind in various emergency situations like power outages.
4. 24.8-Inch Extended Antenna: This portable emergency weather radio has a 24.8-inch extended antenna and DSP chip that ensures clear and uninterrupted listening experience. It also ensures faster and more timely receipt of warnings about emergency weather. This feature can potentially save lives in critical situations. The additional alarm clock function saves you the cost of buying a separate alarm clock and gives you convenient timing when you need it.
5. Lighting and SOS alarm: The solar emergency radio comes with a 3W flashlight / reading lamp (with 48 LED beads) and an SOS alarm function. It keeps you and your loved ones out of the dark during power outages and special situations like heavy rain or hurricanes. In case of emergency or rescue, just long press the flashlight's on/off button to send out a loud SOS alarm for timely help!

Specification : Certification: CE
Origin: Mainland China
Function: Built-in speaker, clock, flashlight
Type: FM , AM/FM
Style: Portable
Power supply: Rechargeable battery
Screen: Yes

Package: Yes
Body material: Plastic
Name: Multifunctional Portable Solar Emergency Disaster Prevention Radio
Model: XSY340
Color: black, orange (optional)
Version: US version with WB NOAA (NOAA function is only available in the USA) Frequency range: AM: 520-1710khz FM: 87-108MHZ NOAA: 162.40-162.55MHZ (NOAA function is only available in the USA)

Screen: digital LCD screen, 6 * 3cm
Body material: plastic
Channel selection method: manual
Choice of sound quality:

Features: USB-C interface, built-in speaker alarm clock, SOS alarm clock, flashlight, reading light, weather radio, FM / AM radio, mobile phone charger, etc. Headphone jack specifications: 3.5mm
Battery: 3.7V 10000mAh polymer lithium battery
Hand crank: 5V 1.5W Solar panel power: 5V 0.3W Reading lamp: 3W

, 48 LED wicks
USB input: DC 5V 2.1A MAX
. USB output: DCV 5V 2.4A
.Size: 18 * 7 * 10cm / 7.09x2.76x3.94inch

Net weight: 573g

Three charging methods: 1. Solar panel:
Expose the solar panel to sunlight to generate electricity and charge the radio. This method is usually used to maintain daily operations and is not used as a main power source.
2. Crank: Unfold the crank on the back of the radio and turn it clockwise or counterclockwise to charge the device. If you are using the radio for the first time, turn the crank at 130-150 rpm for 3-5 minutes.
3. Type-C charging: Connect the included Type-C charging cable to the Type-C input on the right side of the radio. Connect the cable to the appropriate power adapter. Remove the power adapter when fully charged.

When the battery level indicator on the screen flashes, the radio needs to be charged. At this time, the radio cannot be turned on. Flashlight, reading light and time functions are also available. When the battery level indicator on the screen stops flashing, it means it is fully charged.
Charge the radio at least once every three months

Due to the different screen and light effect, the actual color of the item may be slightly different from the color shown in the pictures. Thanks!
Please allow 1-2mm measurement deviation due to manual measurement.

1 x emergency hand crank radio
1 x charging cable
1 x user manual
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