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First aid box

First aid box

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This small, waterproof kit contains all the essentials in case of an accident or emergency. With its compact size, it is easy to take with you everywhere - whether on a walk in the woods, sailing on a boat, driving in the car, walking with the pram or on holiday.

The contents of the kit have been carefully selected to meet the most common emergencies and injuries:

1. Survival Blanket: To provide protection from the elements and maintain body temperature in the event of extreme conditions.
2. Band-aids: Five pieces of band-aids to cover minor wounds and skin abrasions.
3. Compresses: Two packs of two compresses each, measuring 5 x 5 cm, to stop bleeding or cover larger wounds.
4. Scissors: A practical pair of scissors for cutting bandages and other material.
5. Wet wipes: Three pcs. to clean the skin around wounds and injuries.
6. Sterile napkins: Three pcs. to clean wounds and create a sterile work zone.
7. Surgical tape: A roll of surgical tape to secure dressings and stabilize injuries.
8. Latex-free gloves: A pair of gloves to ensure hygiene and protection against infection.
9. Gauze: Two rolls of gauze, each measuring 7.5 cm x 4 m, for dressing wounds and stabilizing limbs.

This kit is an invaluable part of any first aid kit and can be the difference between comfort and distress in an emergency. With its practical size and comprehensive content, it is a reliable companion on any trip or excursion, which is why it is recommended to have it available at all times.
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