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Rescue menu 21 dishes Vegetarian Weekpack SOS Feltration 9317 Kcal

Rescue menu 21 dishes Vegetarian Weekpack SOS Feltration 9317 Kcal

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Weekpack SOS Feltration, 21 Meals 9692 Kcal (Vegetarian) from Tactical Foodpack is a vegetarian field ration box, with all the necessary contents to keep you full for 7 days. The field rations have a very long life and can be a vital investment for survival exercises, military operations, hiking, camping or real emergencies.

The field rations are made with 100% natural ingredients and are without additives. They ensure a healthy and nutritious diet for one person who maintains their strength and energy with 3 daily meals throughout the week. The field rations have a shelf life of 8 years, which makes them suitable as an important reserve for sudden emergencies.

The box comes with a varied selection of dishes, which includes breakfast dishes such as rice porridge and berries, as well as delicious lunch and dinner dishes such as veggie wok and noodles or pasta and vegetables.

The field rations in the Weekpack SOS box are all very simple to prepare, as the box comes with practical equipment for both kindling and cooking. This primarily includes a tactical fire-pot with flammable gel that can burn for 40 min. The fire-pot product is reusable, as the flame can be continuously extinguished by putting the lid back on, after which it can be started as soon as the next meal is to be prepared.

For lighting and cooking, matches, spoon and 10 pieces are also included. water purification tablets, each providing 1 liter of clean water. The tablets are designed to kill bacteria, bacterial spores, cysts, algae, fungi, protozoa and viruses so you can enjoy clean drinking water in an emergency. Note that the water purification tablets should only be used in an emergency situation where clean water is not available, as continuous chlorine consumption can adversely affect your health.


  • 21 delicious meals without meat
  • 100% natural, without additives
  • Meal packages for 1 person for 1 full week
  • Easy and simple to prepare
  • Equipment for lighting and cooking
  • Weight: 2100 g
  • Total energy: 38982 kJ / 9317 kcal
  • Best before for food dishes: 8 years
  • Best before for water purification tablets: 2 years

The box contains:

  • Pasta and vegetables
  • 3x Beetroot and feta soup
  • 2x Oatmeal and apples
  • 3x Rice and vegetables
  • 3x Veggie wok and Noodles
  • 3x Rice pudding and berries
  • 2x Moroccan lentils
  • 2x Mediterranean breakfast Shakshuka
  • 10 pcs. water purification tablets
  • Tactical fire-pot (40 min burning)
  • Matches
  • Spoon

Preparing a bag:

  • 1. Tear open the bag by incision. Unfold the bottom. Remove the "dehumidifier"
  • 2. Fill water up to line
  • 3. Stir
  • 4. Close the package and let the contents soak for approx. 10 minutes
  • 5. Stir well
  • 6. The dish is now ready

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