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Water jug ​​for drinking water

Water jug ​​for drinking water

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The water bottle is transparent, which makes it easy to see the amount of water available, as well as to keep an eye on the water quality. The transparent construction also allows the user to identify any contaminants or particles in the water, ensuring that only clean and safe drinking water is used.

Important to note is that this water bottle meets the EU Directive according to 1935/2004. This means that it is manufactured in accordance with the highest European standards for materials intended for contact with food. The drinking water stored in this canister remains safe and clean, with no risk of chemical contamination from the materials in the canister's construction. Do not use canisters without approval.

This water bottle is specially designed to store and transport drinking water in various conditions, making it ideal for use during outdoor adventures, camping, emergencies and general water storage at home. With its ability to meet EU standards, the user can be sure that the water remains safe and healthy for consumption.
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