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lighter steel

lighter steel

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Lighters are a reliable and effective method of starting a fire, especially in difficult conditions such as rain. The process involves drawing an iron rod or the edge of a knife across the lighter, creating sparks with a temperature of around 3000º C. These sparks can ignite both gas and small pieces of wood chips.

Can be used approximately 10,000 times. :)

The advantage of fire steel is that it is a long-lasting and reusable solution. You mentioned that it can be used approx. 8000 times, making it a reliable companion on survival trips around the world. Its ability to function in various weather conditions and its long-term use make it a popular choice among preppers and outdoor enthusiasts.

When using tinder, it is important to have dry kindling materials as this will facilitate the ignition process. In addition, it is a good idea to practice using the lighter so that you are familiar with the technique when it really comes down to it. Lighters are an essential piece of emergency equipment for those preparing for various survival scenarios.

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