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Solar cell nut

Solar cell nut

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800W Solar Panel Kit Complete Camping Foldable Solar Power Plant MPPT Portable Generator Charger 18V for Car Boat Caravan Camp

Product information

Weight: 850g

Unfolded size: 870 * 285 * 3mm

Folding size 290 * 285 * 40mm

Packaging size: 450 * 380 * 40mm

Origin: Songgang, Shenzhen

Packaging weight: 1 kg

Warranty period: one year

Packing List: Solar Folding Bag * 1 Battery Clip * 1 Car Charger * 1 Double Head DC Cable * 1 Double USB Junction Box * 1 Digital Conversion Plug * 1 User Manual * 1

(The size is measured manually and there is an error.)


Open circuit voltage (VOC): 20V

Maximum power voltage (vmpp): 18v

Short circuit current (isc): 2A

Maximum power current (impp): 1.8A

Output: DC 18V USB 5V

Standard test conditions



Temperature = 25 °C

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