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Solar controller model MPPT 12/24 volts

Solar controller model MPPT 12/24 volts

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Description of Solar Panel Controller for Disaster Backup or Normal Operation System:

Our rugged solar panel controller is designed with the latest technology to ensure reliable operation during disaster backup or normal conditions. With an impressive efficiency up to 35% higher than a standard PWM controller, this system is a reliable source of power, whatever the situation.

The large and clear LCD display provides easy-to-read information on power generation and charging status, making monitoring and controlling the system intuitive and efficient. In addition, our solar panel controller uses the advanced MPPT technology (Maximum Power Point Tracking), which maximizes the charging of the batteries by adapting the output of the solar panels to the needs of the batteries.

Our controller is versatile and compatible with a range of battery types including sealed, open and lithium batteries. This provides flexibility and the ability to adapt the system to specific needs and preferences. In addition, the system includes a temperature sensor that ensures efficient charging by adjusting the charging parameters in accordance with the ambient temperature.

Whether used as a backup during disasters or as part of daily operations, our solar panel controller is a reliable and efficient solution to ensure continuous power supply and energy utilization. With its advanced technology and versatility, this system is a worthwhile investment for anyone looking for reliable solar power.

excitement 12/24 V DC
Max. charging current 20 A or 10 A
Max. input power 260 W/12 V, 520 W/24 V
Max. excitement 100 V (25 °C) 90 V (-25 °C) (solar panel)
Encapsulation class IP32
Weight 1.4 kg
Wire type Max. 8 AWG
Mounting hole Ø 3 mm
Installation target 154 x 131 mm
Goal 210 x 151 x 59.5 mm
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