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Pump petrol 6.5 Hp

Pump petrol 6.5 Hp

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Manual water transport takes a long time and uses a lot of manpower. This water pump offers a good and robust solution. Made of high quality aluminum and iron , it is strong and durable. The powerful motor can promote efficient work. Iav noise (approx. 96 dB) with a built-in silencer.


Color: Silver, Black

Material: Aluminium, Iron

Shape: Rectangular

Style: Modern

Surface treatment: plastic spraying process, welding process

Power: 4.8 kW, 6.5 hp

Type: 4-stroke engine

Speed: 3600 rpm.

Displacement: 210cc

Maximum flow: 36m³/h (9510GPH)

Average fuel consumption: 0.65L/0.17gal per hour

Power type: Manual

Fuel: Gasoline and 4-stroke engine oil

Fuel tank capacity: 3.6L / 0.95gal

Maximum lifting height: 28m / 91ft

Maximum suction: 7m / 22ft

Noise: Approx. 96dB

Weight: 20kg/44lbs

Inlet and outlet joint diameter: 2 inches/5 cm

Product size: 49 * 42 * 40cm / 19.29 * 16.5 * 15.7inch


  1. Place the gasket in the assembly.
  2. Turn to install assembly and tighten.
  3. Install the water pipe clamp.
  4. Installation is complete.

Package included

1* Water pump

2* Inlet and outlet joints

2 * Fixing nuts

2* Sealing of rubber rings

3 * Fixing rings

1* Plastic filter

1* Contact of filter

4 * non-slip feet

1* Wrench

1* English manual

Other accessories for mounting

Main functions

Strong power: 4-stroke &6.5HP engine with high power (4.8KW) and large displacement (210cc) as well as a deeper and enlarged cylinder enable this product to reach a high speed (3600 rpm) and large power ( 9510GPH ) to suck in 22ft of water and lift it to 91ft.

Easy operation: You can start the machine by pulling and using the flameout switch to emergency brake the product. The pull plate/crankshaft/piston helps start/run/compress respectively. Even beginners can operate it easily.

Low noise: The built-in silencer can reduce the noise (about 96 dB) when in use, which can well protect your hearing and create a quiet environment for you.

Saves fuel: The high quality carburetor can fully atomize the fuel. Meanwhile, low fuel consumption (0.65 l/h) can reduce your usage costs.

Thoughtful design: Multiple sealing rings can prevent water leakage, and the square frame can well protect the machine while reducing the vibration during use. Meanwhile, the gear is useful for speed control, and the upgraded speed control gearbox with fast heat dissipation and wear resistance can ensure 96 hours of operation without flame radiation.

Strong and durable: The aluminum material with a plastic injection process and welded iron frame can resist abrasion, corrosion, heat, impact and deformation.

Good filtering effect: The filter can filter the impurities in the water well to prevent the impurities from being sucked into the pump, which can effectively extend the life of the pump.


Heat dissipation holes: They can dissipate the heat in time and extend the life of this product.

Large Fuel Tank: The large fuel tank (0.95gal) can last longer and avoid frequent topping up.

It is suitable for farmland, orchard, vegetable garden and car wash, and can be used for flood control and drainage, engineering construction, well water intake, long-distance water transmission in farmland, large-scale sprinkler irrigation in gardens, fire water, fish pond breeding, etc.


  1. Fill the pump head with water before you start damaging the pump head. The machine must be filled with gasoline and four-stroke engine oil before use to prevent cylinder explosion due to insufficient lubrication and overheating.
  2. Do not use the machine indoors or in damp environments. Keep the product away from flammable objects.
  3. Turn off the machine and do not smoke when refueling. Do not add too much fuel to avoid potential danger caused by fuel overflow.
  4. Read the manual thoroughly before installation and use, and pay particular attention to the accompanying safety instructions.
  5. Please allow the slight color difference caused by the shooting light and 1-3cm error due to manual measurement, and make sure you don't mind before ordering.

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