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Powerstation 675000mAh and 5v/220V output

Powerstation 675000mAh and 5v/220V output

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Product name

Portable power supply for energy storage

Battery capacity

675000mAh 45Ah 48V 2160Wh

AC output pure sine wave

220VAC, 2500W (Peak: 4000W), 50Hz/60H

USB-A (output of x4)

5V = 2.4A, maximum power: 12W (per circuit)

USB-A (output on x2)

5V = 3A, 9V = 2A, 12V = 1.5A, maximum power: 18W (per circuit)

USB-C (output on x2)

5V = 3A, 9V = 3A, 12V = 3A, 15V = 3A, 20V = 2.25A, maximum power: 45W (each circuit)

USB-C (output on x1)

5V = 3A, 9V = 3A, 12V = 3A, 15V = 3A, 20V = 5A, maximum power: 100W (per circuit)

Effect of car charging

12V,8.3A, maximum power: 100W

Wireless charging output


AC input power

Maximum power of fast charging: 1500W

AC input voltage

220V-240V MAX., 50HZ/60HZ

Input for solar charging

11V-50V 9A MAX, Maximum 400W

Entry of car charging

Supports 12V / 24V, standard input current: 9A

Cycle life

After 2500 cycles the remaining capacity is still 80%+

The best ambient temperature

20°C - 30°C

Ambient temperature for discharge

-10°C - 40°C

Ambient temperature when charging

0°C - 40°C

Ambient temperature during storage

-10 °C-40°C (Optimal: 20-30°C)

Net weight

Approx. 25 kg


470.5 * 289 * 366mm

Color Black and orange


2500W AC Output LANPWR D5-2500 Portable Power Station is a high capacity power source that can deliver up to 2500 watts of power.

It is ideal for powering a wide range of devices including laptops, smartphones, tablets, cameras, drones, portable refrigerators,

and even small appliances like blenders and coffee makers. 2160Wh large capacity Equipped with a 2160Wh battery capacity, LANPWR 2500W portable power plant can provide power for longer periods,

and is especially useful for outdoor enthusiasts who need a reliable power source to keep their devices charged when they are off the grid. Multiple charging options This portable power station can be charged using a variety of methods, including solar panels, electrical outlets and car chargers,

approx. 6 hours for a 400W solar panel (charging time is determined by solar cells), approx. 2 hours for the mains,

approx. 17 hours for car charging. It's versatile and easy to use, whether you're at home, camping, on the road or in the wilderness. Practical design This power plant is designed as a portable retractable handle, and the one-hander has wheels that are easy to carry and pull.

It's compact and lightweight, making it easy to take on camping trips, road trips, or anywhere you need reliable power. Safety Protection LANPWR 2500W Portable Power Station comes with multiple safety features including over voltage protection, short circuit protection and over current protection. These features help prevent damage to the power plant or connected devices and ensure safe and reliable use.

The package contains:
1 x LANPWR D5 2500 power plant

1 x Car Charging Cable 1 x AC Charging Cable

1 x user manual

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