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Plasters for first aid

Plasters for first aid

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In preparing for disasters and other emergencies, it is crucial to have access to basic medical supplies, including a good selection of plasters to treat wounds and minor injuries. This "one-patch-for-all-occasions" kit is designed to meet different needs and situations.

The kit contains plasters in different sizes, materials and with different areas of use to ensure you have the right plaster for every injury. They are sterile packaged to maintain their hygienic properties and ensure they are ready for use when the need arises. Their good adhesion ensures that they stay in place and provide protection while the wound heals.

The plasters are made from different materials, including PEVA plastic, textile, non-woven and PU plastic, which provide different benefits and properties for different types of wounds and skin types


Plasters made of PEVA plastic (water-resistant):

  • 20 pcs. (L) 10 x (W) 40 mm (10 pcs. red and 10 pcs. green).
  • 10 pcs. (L) 72 x (W) 25 mm, brown
  • 8 pcs. (L) 56 x (W) 19 mm, black
  • 5 pieces. round Ø24 mm, green

Non-woven plasters:

  • 5 pieces. (L) 72 x (W) 19mm

Textile patches:

  • 15 pcs. (L) 72 x (W) 19mm

Plasters made of PU plastic (water-resistant):

  • 5 pieces. (L) 72 x (W) 19mm
  • 2 pcs. (L) 37 x (W) 55mm
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