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SOLAR PANEL LANPWR 800W Balcony Power with 4 x 200W Flexible Solar Panels

SOLAR PANEL LANPWR 800W Balcony Power with 4 x 200W Flexible Solar Panels

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Overall effect


Conversion efficiency


Waterproof quality


Wireless Bluetooth connection


Protection against safety overvoltage


Open circuit voltage


Peak voltage


Peak current


Short circuit current


Solar cell type

Monocrystalline silicon


Multi-switch 4

Maximum system voltage

700V DC

NOCT nominal operating temperature

48±2 Celsius

Operating temperature range

-20 - 75 Celsius

Current temperature coefficient

0.1%/ Celsius

Voltage Temperature Coefficient

-0.37%/ Celsius

Effect temperature coefficient

-0.45%/ Celsius

AM air pressure


R series load


T test temperature

25 Celsius

800W inverter weight and size

Product weight: 1.96 kg

Package weight: 3.5 kg

Product size (L x W x H): 31 * 18.5 * 4.4cm

Package size (L x W x H): 34 * 24 * 9.5cm

200W flexible solar panel Weight and size

Product weight: 3.55 kg / unit

Package weight: 4.375 kg/unit

Product size (L x W x H): 149 * 72 * 0.25cm

Package size (L x W x H): 155 * 80 * 3.5cm

Specification of Microinverter

Maximum efficiency


CEC-weighted efficiency


Static MPPT efficiency


Cloudy day dynamic MPPT efficiency



External antenna for stronger communication with WiFi sources

NEMA 3R (IP65) enclosure

6000V surge protection

1. Light and flexible
The solar panel on the balcony power plant impresses with a low weight of only 3.55 kg / panel and a compact size of only 149 x 72 x 0.25 cm. Thus, the four panels can also be placed flexibly on top of each other, next to each other or over corners, for example on balcony railings, facades or garden fences.

2.Easy to install

Our solar panels are so light that you can hold them with one hand. They can be attached without tools with cable ties, e.g. on the balcony or on the wall (not suitable for horizontal or inclined mounting) - an expensive module holder is not required. The plug-and-play system can be connected via a standard plug.

3,800W Solar Grid Micro Inverter
The solar grid 800W microinverter "GT-800" is characterized by high quality and reliability. Its special 92.50% CEC-weighted efficiency helps the entire balcony power plant to operate more productively, leading to a higher yield in the long term.

4.High Efficiency Flexible Solar Panel
The monocrystalline solar panel with fiberglass and polycarbonate surface makes the panel more durable. The waterproof design makes it suitable for all kinds of weather. This solar panel has an output of 200W, but is only 0.25 cm thick and weighs only 3.55 kg, which makes it easier to transport and hang.

The package contains:
1 x 800W microinverter
4 x 200W flexible solar panels
1 x multi-switch 4 solar connection key

1 x 2m plug cable
1 x set of microinverter accessories
2 x user manual

Download Microinverter user guide

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