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Electromagnetic radiation detector

Electromagnetic radiation detector

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1. Compact, lightweight and portable, with a built-in high-accuracy chip, it is convenient and reliable to use.
2. With a large, clear definition color screen and large, colorful font design, it can easily cope with dim and bright environments to give you a more comfortable experience.
3. Three parameters are detected simultaneously, rapid detection of RF intensity, electric field intensity and magnetic field intensity, and the data is displayed on the same interface, and it will indicate whether the three data exceed the criteria.

4. Equipped with the current radiation level classification function, 3 different colors correspond to different current radiation levels, allowing for a more accurate and graphical understanding of the current environment.
5. There is an audio alarm function, where a buzzer sounds an alarm when data exceeding the standard is detected, and there is a mute button to turn off the sound.
6. Multi-function design with lock screen (data lock) function supports maximum value and average value display.
7. Multi-scene applications, this product can be widely used in kitchens, high-voltage equipment, homes, offices, factories, etc.


Material: ABS
Color: black, white (optional) Battery: 3 * AAA battery (not included)

Detection areas:

RF / Power: 0-99.999pw / cm Magnetic Field Intensity: 0-99.999μT Electric Field Intensity: 0-999.99v / m Frequency Ranges: RF / Power: 50MHz-5GHz
Magnetic field intensity: 20Hz-1MHz Electric field intensity: 20Hz-100MHz

Detection accuracy: RF / power intensity: 0.001μw / cm
Electric field intensity: 0.01v / m

Magnetic field intensity: 0.001μT

Screen: 66 * 49mm

Item size: 127 * 65 * 23mm

Product weight: 130g

Package weight: 220g

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