Vores bud på tre nødpakker (kort) til prepping

Our offer of three emergency packages (cards) for prepping

Here's a more detailed list of prepper kits, which range from short-term supplies to long-term measures:

Short-term prepper package (up to seven days):

  1. Canned food: A varied supply of canned food with a long shelf life.
  2. Water: Bottled water or water purification equipment.
  3. Powerbanks: A pair of charged powerbanks for charging electronic devices. Small FM radio, with hand crank and solar cells.
  4. Go Bag: A go bag with essentials, including first aid kits and prescription medications.

Medium Prepper Package (up to three months):

  1. Nutrient-rich food: A substantial supply of nutrient-dense food to meet the energy needs of you and your family.
  2. Foods for easy preparation: rice, pasta, peeled tomatoes, soups, etc.
  3. Cookware and gas burner: For cooking during supply shortages.
  4. Water filter: To purify water from various sources.
  5. Solar panels or generator: To ensure an alternative power supply.
  6. Larger go-bag: With extra supplies and necessary medicine for long-term needs.
  7. Clothing for different weather: Both warm and cold weather.

Long-term prepper package (up to a year or more):

  1. Food for a year: A comprehensive supply of food to cover the need for a longer period of time.
  2. Seeds for the kitchen garden: To resupply fresh food.
  3. Livestock for food production: Chickens or rabbits for slaughter.
  4. Extra fuel: For cooking and heating.
  5. Renewable energy solutions: As fixed and mobile solar panels.
  6. Larger water filtration system: For a more sustainable water supply.
  7. Prescription drugs: For long-term medical needs.
  8. Sleeping bag and extra clothes: To cope with different climates.

Whichever prepper package you choose, it is important to have a detailed plan for how you will handle various issues and challenges that may arise during a crisis.

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